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Scot Moir, the Managing Partner, has over 24 years of experience in Information Technology working across industries with companies of all sizes.   He has extensive experience in business information technology: strategy, planning, acquisition, development, delivery, operations, organizations and the customer experience.

Scot began his career in enterprise software development advancing into roles of increasing influence and responsibility: architecture, project management, management and executive leadership.  Recently, vice president of Information Technology Services for a global medical device company.   In this role he transformed the IT organization; from a buyer of IT services to a provider and seller of IT services; from a local organization supporting 1 site to a global organization supporting 32 sites world wide.  During the transformation he kept IT spending below industry averages and customer satisfaction ratings of “exceeds expectations”.

Throughout his career Scot has retained his enthusiasm for applied technology, putting technology to work and delivering IT services that contribute to business success. 

Scot’s business oriented, people focused approach to Information Technology delivers results.


“Scots business-centered mindset coupled with strong technical understanding generates strong business outcomes.  Scot starts with the identifying the goals of the business, then identifying how to use IT resources to help the organization meet those goals.  He recognizes that having the most sophisticated IT system is not the measure of success; business results are.”
– Mark Holmes, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs

“With regard to strategic planning, I have examples of Scot being an early adopter of technology, and examples where more mileage was obtained from older legacy systems.  The key was Scot’s understanding of the technology, carefully choosing those investments which would create the most benefit for the company, and managing the risk/reward of extending current system life when it was prudent to do so.”  
– Taras Skibicky, Vice President, Business Planning and Control

“I would highly recommend Scot to any organization where strong IT leadership is needed. His personal style and collaborative methods bring teams together to solve the most difficult challenges in organizations, swiftly and efficiently with outstanding outcomes.” 
– Tim Gordon, Senior Vice President, Product Development

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