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Client Services

Cirrient offers a broad range of information technology services for businesses in the areas of strategy, planning and management.  All of our services are based on the needs of the client and decades of industry experience successfully deploying and delivering technology and management solutions to businesses. 

Our success is a result of a strong business focus and solutions that meet current needs while building for the future.  Solutions that are based on a foundation of teamwork and the unity of people, process and technology.

IT Leadership

Leading change, providing interim leadership, fractional leadership or CIO support; these roles are about stepping in and being immediately effective.  A leader with the experience to quickly asses and understand the situation, the ability to swiftly build a rapport with all stakeholders, and the knowledge to rapidly engage in planning and management.

Strategy & Planning

High performing companies maximize the benefits of IT using it to achieve operational excellence and to create a competitive advantage.  From strategy and planning through execution IT is in concert with and creating value for the business.

Technology & Architecture

Technology, (hardware and software), and architecture, (how technology is applied), are the heart of IT.  How they are used determines the potential of what IT can do for your business.  Most organizations are not achieving their full “IT” potential and consequently not achieving their full “business” value.


Compliance is knowing what to do and when; institutionalizing processes that add value, minimizing bureaucracy and harmonizing all of your compliance efforts; then following through, consistently doing what you said you’d do.

IT Operational Management

Goals are met or missed based on what people accomplish each day.  For an IT organization or a business to be successful their operations need to perform well.  Success in operations is based on engaging people, working on the right tasks and executing every day.

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