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IT Leadership

Leading change, providing interim leadership, fractional leadership or CIO support; these roles are about stepping in and being immediately effective.  A leader with the experience to quickly asses and understand the situation, the ability to swiftly build a rapport with all stakeholders, and the knowledge to rapidly engage in planning and management.

The most important ability of a transitional leader is savvy, the savvy to adjust style and approach to fit the circumstances and facilitate the engagement.

Cirrient brings savvy, experience, knowledge and excellent people skills to all of our engagements.  We have helped organizations transform from being local IT providers to being global IT providers.  We have helped organizations transform from buyers of IT services to sellers of IT services.

Whether you’re looking to transform your organization evolving it to something new or to stabilize your organization during a period of leadership transition, Cirrient can help.  We bring a people focus to transitional leadership; emphasizing developing credibility, respect and rapport with all stakeholders. 

Highlighted transitional leadership services:

  • Interim leadership
  • Fractional leadership
  • Virtual leadership
  • CIO support
  • Organizational change management
  • Globalization of IT
  • IT transformation

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