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IT Operational Management

Goals are met or missed based on what people accomplish each day.  For an IT organization or a business to be successful their operations need to perform well.  Success in operations is based on engaging people, working on the right tasks and executing every day.

How well are strategies and operating plans translated into tasks?  Are people motivated and accountable?  Do they have what they need to be successful?  Is there a management focus and a diligence that keeps activities on track and aligned with stated goals?  At Cirrient we understand what drives operational success and know how to deliver results.

Highlighted IT operational services:

  • Project salvage
  • Project & Program management
  • IT Policy design and implementation
  • Process design and implementation
  • Life cycle services:
    • Business case
    • Requirements
    • RFP
    • Design
    • Build
    • Validate
    • Deploy
    • Assess

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